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Unabhängig produzierte Musik präsentiert LORD LITTER aus Berlin. Hier laufen die Songs von kleinen Labels und Homestudios, unberührt von der Industrie. LORD LITTER moderierte seine Show in den Achtzigen beim legendären RADIO 100 in Berlin. Ihr hört Ihn hier auf RADIO MARABU.



A British Music Special, presented by Lord Litter in February 2019

1. The Granite Shore – So it begins – CD/LP/ – Suspended Second – excellent concept release on „a national self-harming anxiety episode, which then went global.” – http://www.occultation.co.uk

2. Sharam Gill – Chance
3. Sharam Gill – Silver Gown and Golden Vest
4. Sharam Gill – Fiddle and the Cheshire Cat
2-4 from CD – The Cautionary Tale of Cox McQueen – „..tells the story of Cox’s musical struggle and meltdown in the Rock world of the 70’s“ – http://www.SharamGill.co.uk

5. John Howard – Can You Hear Me Ok – LP – Can You Hear Me Ok
6. John Howard – Deadly Nightshade – LP – Kid in a Big World
7. John Howard – Comic Strip – LP – Hidden Beauty
„..original musician surviving *musical struggle and meltdown in the Rock world of the 70’s*…!“
Label https://www.youarethecosmoscom/ – John Howard http://www.kidinabigworld.co.uk


8. Adrian T. Bell – Blood On My hands – CD – Night And Day – british musician living and working in Czech Republic – https://adriantbell.bandcamp.com/

9. Dan Droid – Legacy – forthcomming – british Cabaret Show Performer on his way to his second release presenting unique own material – http://www.dan-droid.co.uk/

10. V-Sor,X – Dragged – fortcomming – after decades 80’s underground musician on his way to a new release – http://www.vsorx.co.uk/ –
Dragged Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66n1dBbPYaw

11. The Contrast – Passion – CD – Madhouse of Inventions – could be defined as Power Pop but that would leave out ca. 89 % of their ingredients, unique!! – http://www.thecontrast.net

12. Schnauser – I Wuw You Mommy – CD – The Sound Of meat – „classic new british underground“ with a track from their classic Pinkhedgehog release – http://www.Schnauser.co.uk – http://www.pinkhedgehog.com

13. John Cee Stannard Blues Orchestra – Wrong Side of the Town – CD – the Doob Doo album – legendary british prog folk musician with the debut CD of his recent Blues sound – http://www.johnceestannard.co.uk/

14. Captain Of The Lost Waves – Don’t miss what’s right in front of you – CD – The Adventures of Captain Of The Lost Waves, Hidden Gems Chapter 1 – the Captain will present his new release at these concerts …

31/01/19 Cabaret Doonicans, The Old School House, Barnsley
13/02/19 Alberts Shed Bar Shrewsbury
21/02/19 The Blue Room Lincoln
23/02/19 The Surrey Steampunk Convivial New Malden, Surrey
30/03/19 The Wightman Theatre Shrewsbury
03/04/19 Grateful Fred’s at The Atkinson Southport
05/04/19 Kardomah 94 Hull
14/04/19 The Old School House Barnsley
20/04/19 The Red Lion Theatre Horncastle